Great Gift for Your Spider-Man Fan! Complete Set of Spiderman 1602 Series - Vol. 1 - 5 PLUS Romany House Original Comic Storage Box!

This unique plywood comic book storage box set is the perfect solution for the comic collector, especially when it includes the complete set - Volumes 1 through 5 of the Spider-Man 1602 Adventure! This limited edition series from 2009/10 is ideal for the serious Spider-Man collector and getting all five volumes at once is rare!

Give it as a Birthday, Christmas, Father's Day, or Graduation Gift for your favorite Spiderman comic book collector, or keep it for yourself. The comic book box is a great storage solution for dorm rooms, apartments, studios, or offices.

The five, separate comic books each come with boards and bags. They are in "like new" condition with no discoloration, tears, or creases.* The acrylic frame on one end safely displays a single comic book, and it can be replaced as often as you’d like.

This handcrafted, laser-cut box, designed specifically for comic books, is durable with the strength to easily store, organize, and transport your collection. The box includes a lid that fits securely.

Facts about the Box:

- Made from sustainable, eco-friendly, plantation plywood
- NGBS Green Certified
- Holds 130-150 comics without sleeves/backing
- Holds 90-110 comics with sleeves/backing
- Comparable to standard, comic book short box
- Inside Dimensions: 13" x 7 3/8" x 11
- Outside Dimensions: 15" x 9 1/2" x 12
- Stackable - when the lid is securely in place
- Ships flat and is ready for assembly
- Easily disassembled for flat storage
- Assembly instructions included
- No tools needed for assembly/disassembly.
Interested in Personalizing this box? The lid can be etched. Please see our separate listing for etching.

* Note: The condition of this comic book as stated in this listing is not a professional-grade, it is simply our estimation of the comic’s current quality and condition.


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