May 16, 2019


Ok, Laura enough!  Yesterday on our anniversary  you wrote a post on facebook book that may have giving people the impression that after 43 years of marriage all you do is sit around the house make meatloaf and  go to bed early.

Well as a direct witness to those 43 years I must correct the record.   It is true you retired this year from your square but stable job as one of the most knowledgeable expert in the field of cyber liability insurance.

Most people do retirement by the book.  First they travel a little, sell the house, and  move away from the those wonderful but all too demanding children and grandchildren to a place where it doesn’t snow.  Well your retirement book happens to have been co-authored by the bad boy you married way back 43 years ago.

So no, your not retired you have been promoted to the bad ass position of co-owner of a ecommerce business Romany House LLC. with three ecommerce sites Romany House Boxes, Romany Road Tile Works and Melba Fabrics.  With your new position you will travel to places like Austin TX to attend SXSW for the opening of a movie you helped make and Leiper's Fork TN, the backyard playground of Nashville and the home of some of the music world's elite.  Then Montreal Canada to the biggest comiccon in Canada to look for a foreign distributor and run down some vintage fabric.

So, get a helmet take some Aleve and buckle up for 43 more years.

Love I’ll Be Your Bad Boy Always


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