Sansui-Dreaming in Analog

June 02, 2018

Sansui-Dreaming in Analog

I recently upgraded to this vintage Sansui G3500  analog stereo receiver. Manufactured in 1979, shortly before digital music recorded on CD's became the norm, it was designed specifically to play recordings in an analog format. Since music recorded on vinyl is analog, it sounds much better played on an amplifier that was designed to amplify that particular format. 

My previous receiver, a Sony, was manufactured in the mid nineties.   It was more than adequate for listening to vinyl records. However, audio equipment designed in the seventies, before digital recordings took over, brings out the color and depth of the music laid on vinyl. It gives those recordings a really special sound.
So, now I have a great excuse to re-listen to all my favorite albums through a receiver specifically designed to enhance the sound.  Something I’ve been dreaming about doing for quite some time. 

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