Comic Book Storage Boxes with Comic Book Frame 2 Pack Perfect Gift for Comic Collector

Comic book storage and display boxes This is the perfect storage solution for the comic book collector.  Plus it makes a great Groomsman, Graduation, Birthday, Christmas or Father's Day Gift.  2 pack discount and savings FREE SHIPPING in Continental U.S.  

The Acrylic Frame on one end lets you safely display your favorite comic book without worrying about damage. It is also great for sorting and organizing your comics by character, series, publisher, etc. Just insert a Superman Comic in the frame and you will know at a glance where all your Supermans' are stored. 

The comic box comes with a lid that sits securely on top for added comic book protection. 

Facts about the Box:
* Made from Eco-Friendly sustainable plantation plywood. 
* Plywood contains no tropical species & is NGBS Green Certified. 
* Holds about 150 comics without sleeves or backing.
* Holds around 100 comics with sleeves and backing.
* Comparable dimensions to a standard, comic book short box:
** Inside Dimensions: 13" x 7 3/8" x 11.
** Outside Dimensions: 15" x 9 1/2" x 12.
* Collapsable. Take apart for flat storage. 
* Stackable - when the lid is securely in place. 
* Acrylic frame attached with 4, hand-tightened Chicago Screws. 
* Acrylic shipped with protective paper to prevent damage. Remove paper before installing.
* No tools required for assembly or disassembly. 
* Instructions provided for assembly. 

Comic books in display photos not included.

Interested in personalizing your box? Please see our separate Personalization/Etching Service.



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