45 RPM Record Storage Box Plus Record Frame and 3 Dividers for 45s or 7 inch Disc

What great deal!   The perfect sized wood storage crate for 7 inch and vinyl 45s records with two additional snappy features. First, it includes a clear acrylic record frame on the front of the box so you can display the record cover currently on the turntable or just showcase your current favorite 45 record. AND it comes with 3 wood alpha dividers to help you keep your collection organized. What more do you need? This is the perfect storage system for your 45 record collection and it makes a great gift for your favorite collector.
The crate is collapsible and stores flat when not in use.

Free shipping applies when shipping to addresses in the Continental United States.

Facts about the box...
-- The interior of the box measures approximately 13" long 8.75" wide and is 7.73 " tall.
-- The exterior of the crate increases all measurements to 15" x 10.5" wide and is 8.5" tall.
-- The crate holds approximately 120 45 records and can support the weight of those records easily.
-- The box is made from sustainable plantation plywood, contains no tropical species and is
NGBS Green Certified.
-- No tools are required for assembly or disassembly.
-- Easy to follow assembly instructions are included with each purchase.
-- The acrylic front attaches easily with four spacer stand-off clips.
-- The box can be disassembled for flat storage and reassembled as needed.
-- Once installed, the acrylic frame does not have to be removed to disassemble the box. It can remain permanently attached.

records are not included.

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